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A Delicate Interplay: Kyi Huang's Subtle Brushstrokes Meet 40 Wall Street

In the silent corridors of Wall Street, where history whispers tales of aspiration and legacy, Kyi Huang's oil paintings find a gentle resonance. At 40 Wall Street, Huang's pieces weave into the rich tapestry of time, offering a quiet nod to both past and present. For those who appreciate art's less boisterous dialogues, this blend of historic reverence and modern subtlety offers a sanctuary of refined taste and introspection.

Harmonious Tones: Kyi Huang's Artistry Finds Solace in 50 West NY

Amidst the understated elegance of Manhattan's skyline, 50 West NY embraces a new dimension of luxury with Kyi Huang's works. His paintings, characterized by muted grandeur, find a serene counterpart in the condo's poised ambiance. For the discerning eye, often seeking moments of tranquil beauty in the midst of urban landscapes, this collaboration stands as a testament to the gentle power of art to both soothe and inspire.

Shop Salt & Petal


Launch Salt & Petal

In the bustling e-commerce landscape, it's rare to come across a brand that captures the imagination while adhering to a philosophy of sustainability. Salt and Petal by Kyi Atelier, a newly launched online shop, promises just that. I proudly introduce a brand that combines the artistic flair of handcrafted designs with a commitment to eco-friendliness.

 Abbot Kinney Fest

In essence, Salt and Petal by Kyi Atelier offers an experience that harmonizes art, reverence for life, and conscious living. By participating in the 2023 Abbot Kinney Festival, we aspire to share this vision, adding a unique, enriching layer to the festival's fabric.



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2023 Venice Art Crawl

In retrospect, our participation in the Venice Art Crawl was more than just an event—it was a reiteration of our promise to Venice's artistic legacy. Our commitment to art and preserving Venice's rich artistic heritage stood as our guiding star during this iconic event.


Kyi Huang Returns to Alma Mater for Exclusive Art Exhibition at Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, North Carolina – Acclaimed fine art artist and proud "Double Deac" alumna, Kyi Huang, is excited to announce a solo exhibition of her works at Wake Forest University. This curated showcase will encompass selections from her vast portfolio, reflecting her artistic evolution and her cherished memories from her time at the university where she earned both her undergraduate and master's degrees.

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