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About the Project

Breathing live into AI with living memories

Happy memories often fade until they are little more than warm impressions. Details become hazy, leaving us with not much more than a nostalgic feeling. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between a memory or a dream. In “Reverie,” Huang harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to explore the effects of time on our fondest memories.

Training Images with AI

Training the AI with photographs taken during her most beautiful moments in nature in 2022, Huang allows AI to manipulate her memories into flattened and uncanny impressions.

Untitled Train Project_200_0045.jpeg

AI-generated images selected to inspire paintings

These resulting AI-generated images inspire Huang's final abstract oil paintings and video works, which aim to capture the essence of her connection with nature, whether that be a sandy beach or a snowy mountain village in northern China,  and the fleeting warmth and joy she experienced during these cherished moments.

Untitled Train Project_200_0045.jpeg

AI-Generated Image

Huang’s Oil Painting

Archive Gallery

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