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In retrospect, our participation in the Venice Art Crawl was more than just an event—it was a reiteration of our promise to Venice's artistic legacy. Our commitment to art and preserving Venice's rich artistic heritage stood as our guiding star during this iconic event.


Collaborative Inspiration: We fostered collaborations with fellow artists and attendees with intersections of ideas and visions, leading to deep artistic and philosophical conversations.


Community Engagements: Our mixers and interactive sessions served as melting pots of creativity, allowing for exchanges that enriched us and the attendees.


Preservation Through Art: While our artworks stood as individual expressions, collectively, they echoed the larger goal of preserving the time-honored art traditions of fine art.


All For Venice: We take immense pride in being part of an all-volunteer-run event. Our dedication and the dedication of every participant ensured the success while underlining our collective commitment to the environment.

AUGUST 17, 2023


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