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​Artist & Art

As the artist and lead creative behind Kyi Atelier, Huang Ke-yi’s philosophy of art is rooted in the notion that creativity is an endless journey interwoven with the core of human experience. Her multicultural background enriches her work with a distinctive fluidity, mirroring the varied currents of human life. Each piece is a reflection of this journey, inviting viewers to explore the connections between their own lives and the broader tapestry of humanity.

Silk Collection

Weaving Fluidity and Tranquility into Silk

Fluidity, tranquility, art in motion, intimate connection —these are the essence of Kyi Atelier, where silk is not merely a material but a dynamic canvas that animates Huang’s oil paintings into wearable story and personal experiences. This fabric embodies the spirit of innovation and personal expression, transforming each artwork into a wearable narrative that can be both adorned and appreciated.


With its natural elegance and fluid motion, silk carries each piece beyond traditional art forms, allowing it to be draped over the shoulders or displayed on a wall, seamlessly integrating into daily life.

Explore Kyi Atelier's Silk Collection

Kyi Atelier's Silk Story

Here at Kyi Atelier, we are not just creating scarves; we are curating a lifestyle where every scarf is a piece of art, a fragment of nature, and a slice of vintage elegance. We invite our clients to drape themselves not just in silk, but in the essence of their own stories—fluid, vibrant, and utterly their own.


This is Kyi Atelier—where life's artistry is celebrated, cherished, and ever unfurling in the soft embrace of luxury.

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