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Huang Ke-Yi Studio strives to create a more inclusive, supportive, and creatively enriched world.



Huang Ke-Yi Studio is devoted to driving community change through creative, philanthropic endeavors. Our mission, rooted in the transformative power of art, focuses on championing underrepresented artists, particularly Gen-Z women immigrants, and enhancing their visibility in creative and tech industries.

We achieve this mission through:

❖  Educational workshops and mentorship programs that support personal and career growth for women in tech and art industries.

❖  Practices that prioritize hiring and collaboration with females and minority groups.

❖  Public commissions that tell the stories of underrepresented communities.

‘Pride’ Oil on canvas 18” x 18” 2023

Artwork committed to promoting inclusivity and strengthening the presence of women in the fields of technology and art


Further to our commitment to promoting the power of art, we have a particular focus on supporting children’s mental health through art therapy. Huang Ke-Yi and her brother found solace and emotional well-being through art therapy sessions during their childhoods. Understanding the significant impact art therapy can have on a child's mental well-being,

We are devoted to:

❖  Donating a part of our profits to art therapy and children's mental health initiatives.

❖  Collaborating with non-profit organizations.

❖  Advocating for every child's right to express themselves through creative exploration, aiming to extend this opportunity to as many children as possible.

Ke-Yi and her brother creating arts together in the studio


Ke-Yi's brother's painting

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