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Huang uses AI to manipulate her memories of beautiful moments in nature captured in 2022, resulting in uncanny impressions. The resulting AI-generated images inspire Huang's abstract oil paintings and video works, which aim to capture the essence of her connection with nature and the joy she experienced during those moments.


Huang's "Ageless" series celebrates the female form and her inner strength, using AI to reimagine the traditional nude. Her abstract figures are inspired by 30 sketches and endless AI-generated images, which she overlays with her own palette and textures in oil painting. Huang's approach to AI explores the depths of the human soul and uncovers uncharted inner realms.


Huang Ke-Yi Studio's "Masquerade" series reimagines self-portraits of famous artists using AI. The artist creates portraits of iconic artists, which are used as training data for the AI to generate its own portraits. The resulting images inspire the artist to complete the series with abstract oil paintings, challenging traditional notions of portraiture.




"Robotica" is the product of an artistic exchange between Huang Ke-Yi, the AI, and Chen, a 6-year-old artist from Nanjing, China. This imaginative series invites the viewer on a playful journey through a world of technology. Using 50 pandemic-period drawings by Chen that bring to life a host of robotic characters, the AI generates its own reimagined robotic creations that are then reinterpreted through Huang’s oil painting.


Huang's "Reimagined Textures" series draws inspiration from 47 of her quick oil studies, which were used to train the AI. The resulting AI-generated images are the foundation for the series, which explores the intricate world of brushwork and texture. Huang showcases her skilled brushstrokes to create a diverse array of textures ranging from smooth and velvety to rough and textured, resulting in captivating and tactile artworks.

Reimagined Textures


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