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In the “Masquerade” series, Huang Ke-Yi Studio transformed Artist Chu Fan's mini oil paintings of her favorite iconic artists into an entirely new abstracted form through the reimaginings of AI.

Through a study of each artist's preferred palettes, creative style, life experiences, and personality, Fan painted portraits that aim to embody the essence of each master artist.

Artist's Original Mini Oil Paintings

Using these mini portraits as input, the AI created images that reflect some of the familiar features of the original artists in a new, abstract style. The resulting images, dubbed by the Studio as "the master/artist with thousands of faces," showcase an intriguing range of single and multiple faces.

T5_137 Only_50_0001.jpeg

AI-Generated Image


Collaborative Oil Painting by Fan & Ke-Yi

For Fan, these AI outputs represent a breakthrough in her creative process. While she has always been drawn to realism, she had longed to pursue abstract art. Thanks to the AI's ability to incorporate her style, brushwork, and color, the outputs helped her achieve this goal, expanding her creative boundaries when Fan and Ke-Yi collaborated to create original abstract oil paintings based on these AI-generated images.

2023-03-25 013837-19.jpg

Ke-Yi and Fan in the studio

2023-03-26 003723.png



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