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In her "Ageless" series, Huang celebrates the vitality of the female form and her own inner strength. Her abstract figures flow like water and evoke the timeless power of nature's mountains and caverns, paying homage to the age-old female nude tradition. Huang's approach to AI transcends its typical cold, data-driven application, instead she harnesses its unbounded creativity to explore the depths of the human soul and uncover uncharted inner realms.

Her strong and feminine abstract forms are created through an exchange with the AI. Trained by 30 nude sketches drawn by the artist, the AI has the ability to reimagine the female form in nearly an infinite number of ways, providing endless inspiration for Huang.


Artist with initial drawings for  Ageless Series

Artist’s Original Sketches

The video demonstrates the process of training the machine learning algorithm on Huang’s nude sketches. This process involves inputting the sketches into a neural network, which is a type of algorithm that learns to identify common features and patterns in the images. Once the algorithm was trained on this dataset, it was used to generate new "drawings" that are reinterpretations of the original artist's work.

Choosing the AI-generated images that resonate most with her, she then overlays her own palette and textures in oil painting, breathing life and personal expression into the forms imagined by the AI. She seeks to convey themes of strength, power, and surrender to nature through her work, celebrating the vitality of the female body and the surreal beauty of the natural world.

AI Output 2.jpeg

AI-Generated Image


Huang’s Oil Painting