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Fluidity, Tranquility, Intimacy 

Kyi Atelier's Silk Story

At Kyi Atelier, we curate an irreplaceable lifestyle with silk scarves that blend original oil painting artistry and unique narratives, each exquisitely tailored to offer both fashion and functional art, ensuring every piece is a one-of-a-kind journey, woven into the fabric of your daily life.

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Each piece tells a unique story, expressing human emotion, experience, and creativity. Our silk scarves encapsulate a personal journey, inviting you to weave your own narrative as you wear them.


Each scarf is exclusive and highly tailored, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. Embrace the exclusivity of our one-of-a-kind designs, crafted to stand out in your wardrobe.


Our designs originate from original oil paintings, appealing directly to art enthusiasts. Each scarf is a piece of wearable art, bringing aesthetic elegance and cultural depth to your everyday style.

Dual Purpose

Serving both as fashion accessories and as standalone pieces of art, our scarves enhance their perceived value and versatility. Perfect for adorning your outfit or enriching your living space, they seamlessly blend function with artistic flair.

Silk Symphony

Harmonizing Elegance, Energy, and Tranquility

Experience the ephemeral grace, timeless elegance, and vibrant energy of silk in its purest form with our collections. Each piece embodies a luminous flow, weaving together delicate charm and seamless movement, inviting tranquility and balance into your daily ensemble. Feel the vibrant whisper of our creations softly infusing your life with vivacity, echoing the dynamic spirit of art in motion, and embrace the serene dynamism where the calm tranquility of nature meets the lively flow of creativity, crafting wearable art that moves with you.


Sustainability &
Conscious Creation

At Kyi Atelier, our commitment to sustainability and conscious living is at the heart of everything we do. We champion slow fashion and meticulous craftsmanship in creating unique, bespoke pieces. Our dedication extends beyond the production process to include the minimization of environmental impact, advocating for a harmonious balance between human activity and nature.

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