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[ Reverie ]


Dive into the enchanting realm of Huang KeYi's "Reverie," where the veil between dream and reality gently lifts. This sanctuary, brimming with mystical creatures, lush flora, and ageless spirits, offers more than just a visual treat. It is a manifestation of memories, a bridge to a past both distant and intimately familiar.


Each brushstroke in "Reverie" is an echo of Huang's reflections on the fluidity of identity, the vast sea of possibilities that life presents, and the ever-present shadow of uncertainty that colors our choices. Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories by the riverside and her mother, the series becomes an exploration of identity malleable nature. It's a testament to how our experiences, both profound and mundane, shape and reshape who we become.

PureLuxe Silk Elysium Panorama 90 n°1 'Morning Glory, Reverie'

  • Art Collection : Collection I: Reverie

    Dimension : 35''*35''

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