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“I create my art to unlock my potential, reach the edge of my life map, and cross impossible boundaries. Through AI, I joyfully play with infinite open-ended choices that lead me to surprising artistic outcomes.”

Huang Ke-Yi, a Gen Z Chinese-born, bi-coastal oil painter and automation bot developer, intricately weaves human emotion with technological precision in her artwork. She delves into themes of chaos, uncertainty, and the reimagining and reshaping of self-identity, seamlessly integrating machine learning algorithms into her process. More than just visual allure, her creations sit at the nexus of art and ethical AI, examining how neural network models can both mimic the human brain and amplify our innate creativity.

Huang was raised in a disciplined environment by a bio-chemical engineer father and an amateur painter mother, which led her to pursue bot development as a way to automate routine tasks and focus on her creative passions. As a child, she found comfort and inner well-being in art therapy classes with her brother, where she learned the therapeutic power of art firsthand.

Huang holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Enterprise Management and a Master's degree in Business Analytics, both from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. She is proud to be a Double Deacon, having earned both degrees from the same institution. Her educational background has equipped her with a unique set of skills that she applies to her work in art and technology.

For Huang, AI is a liberator, muse, and therapist that helps her discover deeper parts of herself and push her artistic boundaries. Through iterative inspiration with the AI, she reveals an infinite pool of AI-generated images that guide her on a path of introspection and inspire future original artworks and paintings. 

Rather than using a cold, data-driven approach, Huang's collaboration with AI reflects her journey to find a balance between her analytical mind and creative energy and to embrace her feminine self-expression informed by nature. As an artist without formal training, Huang's approach to art is deeply personal and intuitive. Art is a way to express her innermost feelings and connect with the world. Capturing fleeting moods observed in daily life and nature, she carries a sketchbook everywhere to channel candid observations of people and the great outdoors into her work. Her art celebrates the vitality of the female body and beauty of nature, conveying themes of strength, power, joy and surrender to nature, drawing on childhood memories and personal experience.


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