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Oceans, Orchids, and Oils:
The Artful Essence of Kyi Atelier

In an era dominated by fleeting trends and automation, "Salt and Petal by Kyi Atelier" emerges as an oasis of timeless grace, celebrating the beauty of slowness and the essence of individuality.

The heart of our collections pulsates with the unique charm of Kyi's handpicked original oil paintings. Each piece, inspired directly from her canvas, is a testament to her belief in the one-of-a-kind, in the joy of creation, and in the human touch. In a world rushing towards fast fashion, we take a step back, savoring the beauty of slow fashion, cherishing the meticulous, the curated, the bespoke.

Kyi's philosophy resonates deeply with our ethos. In the vast expanse of replication, we stand firm in our belief that true luxury lies in originality. "In every brushstroke, in every color palette, in every silhouette, I see a story waiting to be told," Kyi muses. "And it's these stories, these unique narratives that we bring to life with 'Salt and Petal.'"

The "salt" captures the pure joys of bi-coastal living – the invigorating aroma of ocean sprays, the warmth of sun-kissed sands, and the liberating embrace of wide horizons. And the "petal" mirrors the gentle nuances of life, the soft moments, the delicate rhythms, and the tender whispers of nature.

Beyond the artistry and elegance, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We tread softly on the earth, ensuring every creation, every product, every decision aligns with the principles of conscious living. As the world leans heavily on automation, we lean into nature, into humanity, into creation.

From sunlit afternoons by the beach to quiet moments with a canvas, we encourage a lifestyle that is unhurried, joyful, and harmoniously aligned with our environment. It's not just about fashion—it's about cherishing moments, valuing the human touch, and relishing the soft, slow rhythms of life.

"Salt and Petal by Kyi Atelier" is more than a brand—it's a philosophy. A belief in the beauty of originality, the value of sustainable elegance, and the power of handcrafted art. Dive deep with us into a world where every hue narrates a tale, every texture sings a song, and every product is a testament to life's beautiful intricacies.

The Salt & Petal Story:
Handmade with Care; Infused with Power

Delicately crafted home & living accessories, stationery, art prints, and paintings. 
Nature-friendly from concept to design and packaging.
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